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Atlantic Protective Pouches

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Archival grade mylar polyester sleeves for collectibles, archives, exhibits, presentations, and conservation

Sheet protectors, page protectors, & mylar sleeves for documents, stamps, posters, maps, postcards, certificates, photos, artwork, scrapbooks, currency or any type of collectible.

NEW - Mylar multi-pocket page for scrapbooks and albums !!!
(not yet listed - please contact us for details)

We manufacture sleeves to your specifications
at competitive prices!!

Please call us for an instant quote
on any standard size or custom size.



Quality Assurance Statement

We certify that all polyester pouches from Atlantic Protective Pouches are made from materials approved by the Library of Congress for archival use. All items meet or exceed the quality assurance specifications published by the Library of Congress.

Atlantic Protective Pouches is dedicated to quality. We make every effort to create the highest quality product. We are constantly reviewing and improving our process in order to maintain the highest standard of quality.

Quality starts with the material. We document, test, and certify all material arriving at our facility. We use only the best film suppliers and require a "Certificate of Compliance" from our suppliers for each shipment of film we receive.  This certificate documents the authenticity of the film.  

Our entire facility is air-conditioned with high-efficiency filtration to minimize airborne particles. Every production surface is covered with low friction materials to reduce scratching. All production workers wear gowns, hair-nets and gloves throughout all phases of production. We perform a 100 percent inspection of the product. Inspection is done at various stages during the production process, and then each piece is individually inspected in our quality control area before the product is wrapped for shipment. All bundles are wrapped in anti-static bubblewrap before being placed into a heavy duty shipping carton with a "crumple zone" on all corners.

We pride ourselves in our work and fully guarantee any product we provide.



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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1191, Toms River, NJ 08754 USA

Phone: 732-240-3871,

Email app1191@aol.com

Updated January, 2018. Atlantic Protective Pouches is a trade name for W.H.E. Research, Inc.